Alma Mater

Listen to the Fight Song HERE.


Oh, hail to thee, our Al-ma Ma-ter,
For in our hearts we sing to thee…

O’er the fair Atlantic shore, the sun fills each new day
With bright hopes now and more each morrow
For the Green and Gray…
To thee we pledge our loyalty,
To thee our minds and hearts,
From thy radiant Green and Gray,
Our love will ne’er depart . . .
Hail to North Miami… Hail to North Miami…. Hail… to… thee…!

R.W. Dutton, Chorus Director
North Miami Senior High School, 1958-1975


Fight, fight you Pioneers
We’re gonna drive right through that line!
We’re gonna hit ‘em high!
We’re gonna hit ‘em low!
Show ‘em that we’re gonna go! go! go!
And then we’ll forge on to victory
And we’ll be sure the whole world hears
We’ve got the best team in the land
At North Miami, the Pioneers!

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