Miss Conestoga


The Miss Conestoga award was presented to one girl from the senior class who exhibits academic excellence, leadership and special dedication to her Alma Mater. A local celebrity was usually the person who selects the winner from six finalists nominated by their peers in the graduating class. The award began in 1960; the final Miss Conestoga award was given in 1985.

1960 Diane Denning
1961 Flora Jo Chandonet
1962 Jenni Crater
1963 Jean Perretti
1964 Janice Falkanger
1965 Debbie Mansour
1966 Roxanne Kayser
1967 Linda Meltzer
1968 Marylou Walski
1969 Sharlin McCabe
1970 Nikki Rosen
1971 Sue Jarvis and Vivian Dosal (tie)
1972 Lou Ann Carroll
1973 Jestina Grant
1974 Linda Harth
1975 Janice Dicus
1976 Kathy Hubbard
1977 Renee Riccardi
1978 Lesa Pender
1979 Lisa Hanes
1980 Kerri Berg
1981 Lori Gibaldi
1982 Tanya Martin
1983 Marla Sherman
1984 Stacey Gusky
1985 Kyra Stinson

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